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Bloom In A Box

Bloom In A Box Flourishing Ecommerce Website.

Bloom In A Box

Bloom In A Box Flourishing Ecommerce Website.

We designed them an ecommerce website that is made to bloom.

When your company created a uniquely designed product, you want your digital presence to reflect this. This meant for Bloom In A Box, that they needed to renew their eCommerce website. A great chance to streamline the process and look & feel.


Bloom In A Box hired Growww, who in turn asked us to do the design part of the project. We took a look at the User Experience of the website and improved it to make ordering more simple and quicker. While throughout the website reflecting the brand personality.

Branding & Logo Design.

We create branding & logos that fit your brand personality, or we help you define it.

Responsive Webdesign.

We designed a responsive website that allows customers to buy products from pc, smartphone, and tablet.

User Interface & Experience Design.

We designed a user interface that fits the brand and makes the order process simple and unique.

Mobile App Design.

An app can be used to make your services easier to use. We create mobile apps that work.

We designed a website to share moments & feelings.

We looked at the brand personality and saw the need for a more feminine, soft, and kind approach to reflect their brand. The idea behind a unique bloom in a box is to share a special moment or feeling.

This needed to reflect into the website. So we designed a soft and easy to use website, that makes ordering this unique product simple and quick.


We kept it simple & with an inspiring personal touch.

It's important that potential customers know where to go and what is ahead. That's why we made sure that's clear to anyone visiting the website. Next to that, we placed quotes and sections that inspire customers and strengthen the brand.


Social proof & product were not forgotten.

To give visitors a feeling of trust in the product and the brand we positioned product pictures all over the website. And we believe that when a brand is loved, that can be shared. So we made sure the great reviews had a prominent position too.


A soft set of colors.

We selected several soft and warm colors closely fitting to the brand to make the website feel warm and feminine. With green as a contrasting color to match with the brand packaging and provide a fresh look.

Website Colors.


Luxury Purple.
Warm Luxury


Feminine Pink.
Sweet Feminine


Quality Green.
Fresh Quality


Clean Basic


Active Red.
Active Comfortable Warm

Configure your own personal moment.

What is the great thing about moments? Yes, they are unique to you and the ones you share it with! We wanted to allow customers to create their moment as unique as possible by picking the flower, packaging and writing their personal message.

That's why we created a configurator that allows you to customize your specially picked flower, to make this flower a new and unique moment.


Options, options, options.

Even though for now there only are two boxes to be picked, in the future there will be many designs available.


Personal moment from flower to card.

We wanted to make it personal from start to finish, that's why customers can see how their message is going to look while they're typing it.


We made mobile look great too.

Even though desktop is great, mobile is more and more important. So we designed the website to work on mobile just as great. Nobody is left out!


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