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The NLP Institute

NLP Institute Company Branding Update.

The NLP Institute

The NLP Institute Company Branding Update.

We helped them create new branding fresh and ready for the future.

A company's branding reflects their personality and shows the crowd who they are. Sometimes, an update is necessary to reflect future plans, changes, or improvements. The NLP Institute knows this and invited us to update their branding.


In short, NLP is a method used to develop yourself and communicate better. The challenge was to bring this back into their logo and overall brand personality.

Branding & Logo Design.

We create branding & logos that fit the brand personality and expressed their goals and benefits.

Responsive Webdesign.

We design professional websites that work on desktops, tablets, and mobile through responsive design.

UX & UI Design.

Make sure your service is easy to use. We use UI & UX design to customize it to your customer group.

Document & Stationary Design.

We designed documented their branding and designed a book for their class course materials.

We defined the brand personality & different traits.

When we started, one of the main pinpoints of the project was to illustrate the client benefits in the branding. In this particular case that means the branding needed to express the result of doing an NLP course.

The branding needed to express the personal gain, joyful and playful experience. But also the modern and authority look and feel of an educator.

We created an active, modern & professional logo.

The logo reflects the active course, where you bounce up and down searching for your strengths and weaknesses. With a professional type logo to reflect the knowledge and quality of the education.

We needed diverse colors.

To represent the playful and professional personality we needed to combine active and joyful colors, with calm and balanced colors.

Primary Colors.


Warm Orange.
Warm Passion Fun


Solid Blue.
Intelligence Trust Communication


Active Red.
Active Comfortable Warm


Active Red.
Active Comfortable Warm

Supportive Colors.


Active Red.
Strength Warmth Energy


Balanced Green.
Balance Rest Peace


Safe Support.
Security Safety Substance


Clean Basic Contrast


Active Red.
Active Comfortable Warm

Per course, we adjusted the main logo to fit the branding.

To provide consistent branding for the separate course levels, we created logo's for them too. Each fitting to the main branding and the level it represents.

We created brand assets to use in communication.

We selected an icon pack and created icons for their separate categories. These could be used on the website for different sections.

Easy customization with a graphical element.

We wanted to make it possible for The NLP Institute to adjust graphics and create content for their social media by themselves. To provide them with a way to add branding elements as well, we created a graphical element.

This element can be used by placing it on sides of pictures, frames, and print work. This way they can give it a brand look and feel with ease.

Course material with a brand look & feel.

As an educator, you print your own course material. We made a basic book layout so their team could fill and adjust their material by themselves while keeping it close to their brand.

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