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Fieldmarq | Noun (fld mɑːʳk)

A visual mark or characteristic used to identify subjects in the field.

Digital Design Studio
Based In The Netherlands.

We believe design can bring out the best in a brand. Digital tools, products, or communication, a well-designed product can bring happiness, delight, and growth. We design digital products that bring out the client’s brand personality and take them a step closer to reaching the top of their field.

"Brands have a personality. It's our job to define & highlight their unique features through design."

Marcel Doornbos

Since the day I started as a freelancer, I have dreamed of creating a design company and help brands express their personality better. Years of working as a freelancer went by, and now it’s time to take it up a notch. Build a brand and start growing!

I want to provide brands, companies, multinationals, and of course freelancers with the flexible, structured, and quality design & ideation work they deserve. With that, help them grow, express their unique personality, and make their digital products more accessible than ever. I believe any brand can do this.

Picture of Marcel Doornbos

Marcel Doornbos

Digital Designer

Some of our great clients.

We work together with freelancers, startups, small businesses and multinationals on the design work they need.

Some friends we have made while working together.

We like working together with all kinds of clients, helping them wherever it’s needed. We love them, now see what they think about us!

Great Experience Working Together.
“We worked together on a previous design and iterated what we created together to bring an existing product inline with the updated design language. It was a great experience. They have done an excellent job, completely understood our corporate identity, and produced a result that pleased our upper management.”
Alex Cortina

Project Manager, The Best Cruiseline

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